So I am pretty sure every one has a fear of catching a cold or getting super sick before midterms and finals – well you are not alone. The flu season is definitely here; you can hear it everywhere you go. Sniffling of the nose, coughing sporadically in classes and never ending sneezes. No one wants to catch it and have to stay home sick and miss classes or work. So here are a few ways to keep safe from sickness.


–          Drink lots and lots of water (at least 8 glasses a day)

–          Carry sanitizer with you, hand sanitizer and anything sanitizing

–          Have tissue on hand for you and offer people who need it around you

–          Don’t share anything with anyone who is sick, that is the fastest way to spread the germs and cold

–          Wash hands; before eating and after using the bathroom

–          Sleep daily (7-8 hours a day)

–          Eat healthy (Protein, Meats and Vegetables)

–          Take your vitamins

–          Workout, it keeps the body healthy and strong

–          Relax! Have “me” time. Do some Yoga, that is a great way to relax

–          Don’t smoke or drink, doing these tend to make the body weak and open to sickness

–          Clean your surfaces. Wipe down areas that you will be studying in (keyboards). Or if someone uses your phone wipe the phone down after they use it (this is when sanitizing wipes come in handy)

–          Drink orange juice and tea

–          Keep warm on cold days/nights

–          Thinking positive always helps – mind over matter.

Remember if you are sick, please cover your mouth and blow your nose! With these tips I hope everyone can stay healthy and if you are sick I hope that you get better in time for finals. It’s getting cold out, so stay warm.

Posted by Hulali Kaapana, Career Services Assistant