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Financial Representative
First Investors Corporation – recently ranked #15 among the top 25 companies for career opportunities on
Orange Circle Sponsor, Career Fair Sponsor AND will be at the Career Fair tomorrow, booth #5


Recommend solutions to your clients for their investment needs
• Collaborate with others in developing presentations delivered in group settings or one-on-one
• Keep in touch with clients to ensure that they have the right products for their current needs
• Create referral opportunities and build a referral-based practice
• Determine the course for your career in terms of financial objectives

How We Will Help You. . .
Our extensive training program and state-of-the-art learning system is designed to prepare you so you are both business savvy and confident when working with your clients.

You will enjoy a professional office environment with all the support and tools you need to be successful.

New Representatives start out earning wages and commissions, so while you take care of your clients, we take care of you

Beaverton, OR
Position Type
Permanent Full-Time
Desired Major(s)
All Majors
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