A/P Check Run Summary Notes

AP Check run


FARINVS – report

–          Report that lists invoices headed for direct deposit and checks

FAABATC – form

–          Creates record on fatckno with beginning check number

–          Record on fatckno is first checked before whole AP check run  initiates

–          Direct deposit ACH and FIS part of AR feed all use same basic flow process and all check this table before initiating.  The AR feed has a sql script in it to update a field on the fatckno record to the wrong type of value causing the feed to abort there with an oracle error when a record exists in fatckno before the FIS portion of the feed begins.  This is on purpose and pops up time to time.  AP needs to complete their check run or ACH run by the end of the day before the ar feed fires off in the evening.  You do not want the FIS portion of the AR feed processing checks when there are ones left in there from AP. ACH also populates this table but with a dummy value in the starting check number field.


FABCHKS – process

–          Populates temp check tables fatckin and fatckdt

–          Normal run produces an empty lis file.  If the lis file has something in it, it will tell you some kind of error usually along the lines of duplicate record, etc.

–          If no fatckno record exists, this will still complete successfully but not do anything so look for that if no records show in the two tables like they should after running this.  Comes up sometimes when functional users wonder why they aren’t getting any checks.

FABCHKP – process

–          Populates tables fabchks and fabinck.  In addition, it inserts a record in fatckno with the ending check number

–          Output is a lis file that looks somewhat like an unformatted check file.

–          The table fabinck is new and does allow us to regenerate a check file if you know the starting and ending check number after a check run is completed.  Used to be you were dead in the water.

FWPCHKP – process

–          Generates the check file with custom fonts and images that gets printed on the check stock

–          Each institution has it’s own custom images, signatures, ect.  and handles getting the micr font and custom macros to the printer memory differently.  Some like WOU have the maco and fonts stored internally in the printer so they can print to it directly from linux and others load them into the printer memory with some type of bat file and ftp this file to a local machine.

–          The file itself has a lot of PCL in it.  Each check starts with the same PCL header line so in this way you can edit this file if you only need to print a certain range of checks from it.  You can just delete the block of lines with the check you don’t want.

FABCHKR – report

–          Check register report

–          This lists the checks that got printed.

FABCHKA – process

–          This submits the checks for posting .

–          Populates tables fab1099,fabchka, and fobappd

–          The output lis file is empty for a normal run.  If something is in it, you’ve got some kind of error.

–          The temp tables fatckin and fatckdt along with that initial table fatckno are cleared out.

–          Posting actually posts the checks.

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