AP Direct Deposit Notes

AP Direct Deposit Run


FARINVS – report

–          Report that lists invoices headed for direct deposit and checks

FWAPACH – form

–          Lists count of prenotes and pending ach transactions

–          Record on fatckno is created with dummy starting number from a form trigger when step 1 is clicked which is !0000000.  If they click this button for step 1, the record gets created and will stay there if they decide not to run fabchks for some reason.

–          5 steps on form: fabchks,fwpdird,fabchkr,fzbmail, and fabchka.

–          Direct deposit ACH and FIS part of AR feed all use same basic flow process and all check this table before initiating.  The AR feed has a sql script in it to update a field on the fatckno record to the wrong type of value causing the feed to abort there with an oracle error when a record exists in fatckno before the FIS portion of the feed begins.  This is on purpose and pops up time to time.  AP needs to complete their check run or ACH run by the end of the day before the ar feed fires off in the evening.  You do not want the FIS portion of the AR feed processing checks when there are ones left in there from AP. ACH also populates this table but with a dummy value in the starting check number field.


FABCHKS – process

–          Populates temp check tables fatckin and fatckdt.  Check num is set to null on these records.

–          Normal run produces an empty lis file.  If the lis file has something in it, it will tell you some kind of error usually along the lines of duplicate record, etc.

–          If no fatckno record exists, this will still complete successfully but not do anything so look for that if no records show in the two tables like they should after running this.  Comes up sometimes when functional users wonder why they aren’t getting any direct deposits.

–          OUS has mods on this to prevent it from picking up student checks

–          Gxrdird record (bank info and status, ach,etc) has to be correct for the record to get picked up

FWPDIRD – process

–          Populates tables fabchks and fabinck.

–          Pulls records from fatckin and gxrdird

–          Output is a direct deposit ach file that gets sent to the treasury.  The file is saved to a flat directory location.  There is a shell script the schools run to actually transfer the file from the flat directory to the treasury

–          Sets each fatckin and fatckdt check num to a number beginning with !.


FABCHKR – report

–          Check register report

–          This lists the direct deposits.

FZBMAIL – process

–          Uses fatckno, fatckin, and fatckdt to email vendor notification.

–          The email addr type and seqno must match that on the fatckin record and be active.

FABCHKA – process

–          This submits the ach for posting .

–          Populates tables fab1099,fabchka, and fobappd

–          The output lis file is empty for a normal run.  If something is in it, you’ve got some kind of error.

–          The temp tables fatckin and fatckdt along with that initial table fatckno are cleared out.

–          Posting actually posts the ach.

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