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WOU fapcard report gave an error on the Mar 28 run: ERROR: Unable to create FABINVT record. ORA-01843: not a valid month ERROR: Unable to create FABINVT record. ORA-01843: not a valid month ERROR: Unable to create FABINVT record. ORA-01843: … Continue reading

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Chpsfeed aborted.  Logs show an error coming from fgrtrni in the shell.  The lis file had the following: Cannot create because the record already exists. processing detail for Journal, Submission, and Sequence: JG890596 0 84   Normally the lis file … Continue reading

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Current Budget Status by Activity WOU could not get output from this report.  Investigating found an error with determining the end fiscal period because of its status.  So we got past that and ran into the 2nd problem.  No amounts … Continue reading

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SOU Bookstore feed

Run into problems with SOU’s bookstore feed twice now.  SOU places a file in /san/flat/sou/souprd/fin/invfeed.  The file has a name *bookinve.dat and contains 3 record types.  The shell FZRBKST gets run from job submission.  It splits the file into 3 … Continue reading

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Got a ticket that FWITBAL was not showing current balance for period selected  in owag.  It worked correctly in other database instances.  I grabbed the form to look at the source and saw that the current balance was coning from … Continue reading

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WOU AP/Check Run

Last week WOU had a check run which failed to print.  They reported a Banner “hiccup” happened during the check run. Looking at the log from fabchkp showed an empty lis file. I checked the table fatckno and found a … Continue reading

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With the transition from Fran to myself, there are some ESCWON request that are transferring to me.   One was a request to create a new report FWRINVO  to identify zero vendor payments to run prior to the a/p check process.  … Continue reading

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IITFEED – OSU telecom

The telecom folks did not process their file yesterday.  I checked the logs for iitproc on the owag spool and discovered what looked to be file permission issues in the tc flat directory.  Chuck changed permissions on the file so … Continue reading

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FWRFEDR report

Controller’s reported not getting the output file from this report in their cn directory.  I noticed it wasn’t compiled so I recompiled it but still no output file.  The job was defined as a procedure on owag but I found … Continue reading

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OPE was separated into item 11,12, and 13 in an OUS mod from the baseline version of 1.  In the item description field on the form, no description comes up for 11,12,or 13.  Looking at the source for the form … Continue reading

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