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The telecom folks did not process their file yesterday.  I checked the logs for iitproc on the owag spool and discovered what looked to be file permission issues in the tc flat directory.  Chuck changed permissions on the file so it would process this morning.  It did not.  The iitfeed.err file showed a cln file did not get generated and we got a bunch of errors as follows:

Error  : line 9,033 – Doc: JC101852 – Trying to post to a prior period or no 20-FEB-2013

FTVSDAT record for month in Aggregate DB.


Treasure offered to help look at the data file and determined the dates were within the period.  It was not the period but the ftvsdat record.  Nick has a record on ftvsdat that closes the time a iijv can feed x many days before the period ends.  There’s code in iitfeed.pc that checks that ftvsdat record and generates an error that we saw when true.  We have passed it so Nick opened it up on the ftvsdat record so we can feed the file tomorrow morning.  We would have preferred to feed today but it would have overwritten the files for the schools already processed this morning.  I ran the raw file from telecom through the iitfeed program in my own directory and did not get the errors again.  Iitfeed just creates a cln file that gets loaded into Banner tables during the next process of the iitproc script so it was safe to run.  Nick says it’s no big deal if it gets posted to next period because it’s not the end of the quarter but I know OSU is really trying to get it in this period.  Took a bit of time to figure out what was going on with the process because I haven’t had to get down to that kind of detail on it before.  Treasure was helpful and poor Chuck is on vacation.  We’ll see what happens in the morning.

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