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AP Check Issue

FABCHKA was giving the error: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into (“FIMSMGR”.”FOBAPPD”.”FOBAPPD_DOC_NUM”) WRN-ORACERR: Error occurred in file “fabchka.pc” at line 1,040 WRN-ERRSTMT: Following statement was last statement parsed: insert into fobappd (fobappd_seq_code,fobappd_doc_num,fobappd_bank_num fabchka terminated with error. I wrote some print statements … Continue reading

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Payroll check

Got a call that shared services could not print two checks running pwpchkp. Check print ind on table pwrchck for the two doc codes which I got from table pwrcnpb.  Print ind was set to Y so they had to … Continue reading

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