AP Check Issue

FABCHKA was giving the error:

ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into (“FIMSMGR”.”FOBAPPD”.”FOBAPPD_DOC_NUM”)
WRN-ORACERR: Error occurred in file “fabchka.pc” at line 1,040
WRN-ERRSTMT: Following statement was last statement parsed:
insert into fobappd (fobappd_seq_code,fobappd_doc_num,fobappd_bank_num
fabchka terminated with error.

I wrote some print statements so I could figure out which field was null.  Turned out to be the rpt_doc_code but rpt_inv_code was fine.   Figured out the check num field in fatckin and fatckdt was null when there should of been values in there.  I thought this got populated during fwpdird so I checked the output file for fwpdird and found it empty.  Figured they used the wrong date in the parameters. Had them run it again and this time the file looked good.  After that they were able to run FABCHKA without any error.

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