ii JV VA842810

Got a call from controllers that the day’s balance from the iijv feed was out of whack.  They thought it was do to doc VA842810.  First thing I did was to look at what loaded into the table on owag, fwbfedh. I found that there were VA842810 records for chart K, C, D, and F.  Further more, Chart K posted ok but the others did not. I looked in the san directory iitfeed archive to take a look at the files that are sent to the institution to load.  Examining the files I noticed that there was a missing header record for this JV.  The header record is a type 1 and has a VA8428101 in it while the other records are type 2 and have a VA8428102 in it.

So what happens when there is no header record in the file?  Sure enough, I found the VA842810 stuck in the gurfeed table at OSU,PSU, and SOU because there was no header record in gurfeed.  I had the institutions add a header record for it in gurfeed and it cleared the records out after furfeed and fgrtrni.

Now to figure out what caused it.  Information comes into owag for these iijv files either through an owag form or by an upload process which pulls files from /san/flat/ecs/chps/fin/iitfeed/.  I looked at the file that contained VA842810 and noticed the header record had a different timestamp than the other records.  I believe this is what caused it.

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