Had a JV file from chps blow up the entire iitfeed and it had to happen naturally on the day telecom was trying to load their JV.  The logs for this aren’t always the easiest to follow with all the loops in the shell scripts.  Anyway, the process failed when trying to load the JV file into fwbiith and fwbiitd during the ecs load portion of the script.  The telecom stuff loaded into fwbiith and fwbiitd before the script failed but it just didn’t process and no new files were sent out to the institution directories.  We had trouble with this JV before so I removed the records out of the two tables and ran the iitstart.shl via the owag scheduler so the stuff would go through.  The 5th site institution side  gets processed by this but I had to notify the big schools that I ran this in the afternoon.

I believe the JV failed to load into the two tables because previous records were already in there.  I loaded the JV in the two tables manually this morning by generating a clean file with iitfeed and then loading  fwpfeed.cln with the iitfeed.ctl  I’ll see if it goes through ok in tomorrow morning’s run

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