Problem posting across to periods when backdating a JV on last day of period

Sara,  as Mike indicated, this has been around since the dawn of Banner FIS. It does not happen all that often but it does happen. Usually it is some funny navigation in the doc after the date has been changed that stops the ‘recalculating of the accounting sequences’. Often it is a doc that was sitting in approvals and the period closed and then the doc touched and sent thru with a new date.


If you are having this recur with a specific user, perhaps sitting down with that user and watching what they are doing when they change a date on a doc may help identify the cause. If you like I could have a dialog with the user that this is happening with to see if I can identify a cause and maybe a work around.


Brian is correct in that if a user has interrupted the ‘recalculating of the accounting sequences’, they do have to then ‘touch’ each sequence in the doc before recompleting it in order for each sequence to go through the edits again and be assigned the new transaction date and user ID and do its NSF checking etc. etc. . Not the most user friendly method. Another option, if you have a lot of sequences on a doc and touching each row is too time consuming, is to try and change the trans date… yet again and see if it recalculates all the sequences this time around. If it is successful, you can then recomplete and all should be fine. If it does not, then you are back to ‘touching’ each sequence.


My experience has been that this usually has made it all the way thru posting before someone notices a problem. By then it is too late. During the year we do not do anything to address it other than to recognize that it has occurred and perhaps adjust a reconciliation or something to look across periods. If it happens at fiscal year end and crosses years, then I normally get involved and actually do one sided journals to correct accordingly. Sometimes I have to hit the beginning balance bucket. Sometimes not, it just depends. Sometimes it may take more than one JV in the old or new year to fix depending on which year or years need correcting. It all depends on the scenario.


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