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Well, after we figured out how to do checks we found EOU wants to feed the ERFD detail code tbraccd records through the feed and process as ACH in the AP direct deposit run.  This has proved to be a challenge.  I’ll try to summarize what we’ve tried and where we’re headed.

At first we wanted to change the prefix on these records from SD to SE.  This was because EOU currently in production processes these SDs in a different way.  We found that the feed didn’t bring these records across correctly and quickly abandoned the idea.  So we went back to SD.

Fzbchks and fzbchkp had to be modified to leave the SD records open and fabchks records to be generated correctly for these SDs so they could get picked up by an AP run.

AR documentation states that if you leave the address type and seqno fields null on the gxrdird record, the direct deposit steps will process the records from the feed with whatever address type and seqno comes across on the fabinvh records generated during the feed.  We found this not to be the case with the farinvs report because of an osshe mod for AP which requires an address type/seqno.  I wrote a program,fzrinvs, to pick up these SD records anyway.  We at first tried to update the gurapay record that gets fed with a addr type/seqno of ##/0 because that’s what the osshe mod defaulted for a null record on gxrdird.  This however caused other problems.  We really wanted to get it to work with the null typ/seq on the gxrdird record and any addr/seqno combo on the gurapay record.

Fabchks had an osshe mod on it to exclude SD docs.  We needed to include them again so I made a new mod to it for EOU.  We also discoved the web tool students used to put in their bank info was creating a gxrdird record with a pre-note status and setting it to payroll.  Still working on how to fix that.

I finally got a student through fabchks and fwpdird, created a direct deposit file, but then got an abort on fabchka.  Investigating this determined that fwpdird was not populating the fatckin_check_num field like it should because….yes, we had null values for gxrdird atyp/seq fields.

So, now Jeremy and I are trying to update the gxrdird record with the addr/seq combo from the gurapay record.  Before we were modifying the gurapay addr/seqno record but that caused problems later in the feed.  On the positive side, I think I can get rid of fzrinvs if we can achieve this.


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