EOU ar/fis feed checks

EOU now has 3 checks that they produce: A/P checks, student checks, student refund checks.  The feed has to deal with 2 of them without screwing up the A/P check process.  In order to accommodate this,  on demand student checks now use a SC prefix instead of SQ.  This is to prevent the feed from printing them.  Student refund checks are set up as SQ so they can be printed during the feed and are loaded via an ar process.

In order to achieve this I had to modify some programs called during the fis portion of EOU’s ar/fis feed.  At first we had the accounting posting for SC checks fed but not the check.  I had to add the SC type to fwriapp.sql which updates the fabinvh_appr_ind to Y to fool the system into approving the checks.  This is a local mod.

Fzbchks.pc was changed to populate fatckin_paymt_type_ind. Fzbchkp.pc was changed to not set fabchks_ach_ind to Y for SC checks. Fwpchkp.pc was changed to not print the SC checks.

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