October 18, Week 3

This week I faced mostly time management challenges. The term is fully underway and bigger projects and assignments are underway or starting to be due. I am taking a course this term called Scientific Visualization which is using a lot of material I’m not familiar with. Mostly OpenGL. With what is taking most people a few hours to complete I’m taking around 8-10 hours on. Some of this is setting up the tools that I’m not used to and some of it is the type of programming is difficult for me. This week especially was hard because there were parts that didn’t even concern programming but were just math. And then after that I had to apply the mathematical concepts to programming. This has taken me a great deal of time and in addition to that I put a lot of time into my requirements writing assignment for Capstone. Between these two projects and things from other classes I found it a struggle to get everything done on time. Getting a balance between my personal life and school hasn’t been too much of a struggle and I don’t want it to become one in my final year.

Tailing off this challenge is the additional work I need to do for the actual Capstone project. There are tons of videos, tutorials, and documentation I need to look at and do in order to learn Unity and figure out some of the more basic functions that will allow me to implement the requirements of my project. I don’t feel too bad for not learning much about how to use Unity up until now, because the requirements were not really set. But now that I’ve submitted the individual requirements document and with the team document coming up, I will have no more excuses and I’ll need to get on it. 

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