I found the job posting that was recently shared with the class interesting. In the email it said that despite the job posting seeming very senior, they would be open to candidates at the beginning of their careers. However, when I looked at the actual job posting, it seemed pretty typical for an entry level position. At least if I was looking for a job, that is not the type of posting that would make me second guess applying due to lack of experience. I don’t have a lot of experience on either side of the hiring process, but the job I have now I was familiar with at most 50% of the systems and technologies that were listed on the posting. Furthermore, they said that the 2-5 years of experience for the job were a requirement, but I had 3 months of distantly related experience from one summer internship. Whereas on the posting that went out to the class it was just recommended. So if I see even softer language on something like years of experience it makes me think they’re just saying this is something that would be nice to have, but isn’t really necessary at all. In fact the only thing that stood out to me as being senior about the position was the fact that it listed as Software Engineer II. And I have no idea what the differences are between those levels. My point is I didn’t see anything that would have deterred me from applying to that job. On a side note: what does “too much experience” mean? I assume it means they don’t want to pay for an experienced developer, but I’m not sure.