Week 4

I’m pretty happy to put this week behind me. It’s been pretty busy with a couple of different projects having similar due dates as well as a midterm this week. The good news is I feel like our Capstone team is making good progress with our project and it’s becoming very clear what the immediate next steps to take are. I’m pretty excited to get started learning Unity and hopefully using C# for the first time. It probably isn’t ideal to be learning a new programming language alongside a huge project like this, but I am really glad it’s something so different than what I’ve done in the past. 

On the note of new technology and Unity, I’ve started a Udemy class for Unity. So in addition to Unity, it is also my first time using Udemy. For our purposes it seems like a good investment. Although in general I have been skeptical about paying for online resources in the past. I usually tend to believe that unless something is very specialized, there’s usually a good enough free tutorial that’s just as good as paid content. But there are a lot of reviews for this particular course and it seems like it will teach us exactly what we need to learn in order to get started and be able to create our own visions. In addition using this course will put us all on the same page. If Udemy goes well I could see myself using it for their other classes as well. After all $10 is pretty cheap for 30 something hours worth of content. Again, I’ll have to see its quality, but it could end up being a good resource for continuing education after I’ve graduated. This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about as I’ve worked this year. That there are a lot of things I want to learn that pertain directly to my job but that I don’t have time for.

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