Week 7

This week not much progress was made on developing our project. We’d like to get some more fleshed out prototypes together soon, but there just wasn’t a lot of work done this last week. It’s not catastrophic if there’s a week here and there where we don’t get much done I don’t think that’s a big deal. Overall I’m pretty confident we’re going to be able to get everything we need to done and hit our milestones. 

Part of the reason why not much was done on the Capstone project this week was there were a lot of projects from other classes all due this weekend. In particular there is a class I am taking CS453 – Scientific Visualization. That involves using an OpenGL library that was custom built by the professor of that class and modifying it according to assignment descriptions. I don’t know if I’ve specifically blogged about that course, but I’ve probably thought about complaining about it before. In addition to the assignments being deeply rooted in some math concepts I’m not familiar with at all. So the class ends up making me feel like in addition to trying to figure out how to navigate and manipulate my professor’s obscure OpenGL library, I’m also trying to teach myself math. This week’s special was differential equations. So really the story of this week’s capstone was just the story of not making much progress in other things as well. I’ve never really spent so much time for so little progress on programs as I have in that course. Nothing went poorly with capstone per se, but it’s frustrating when I take time away from working on capstone to do another class, and I end up not making progress there as well.

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