October 11th, Week 2

Several things went good this week in regards to the project. Our group all got in contact with each other and had our first meeting. Everyone seems nice and motivated to do a good job on the project. We also scheduled our meeting with the client which should be good and officially get us on our way.

In my opinion the worst part of group projects is out of the way for this project. I think there is always some awkwardness to deal with when you meet new people and have to get to know them before working together. I think having three people in the group helps with that though, as there is not as many strangers you need to get familiar with in a hurry.

I found a cool tool this week through an assignment in this class. It was called Toggl Plan. It was basically the calendar view of Asana, but what I liked about it was the tool was focused on just that one view. Adding team members is possible so that their calendars are overlaid mine which would be great for seeing what other people are doing. The big advantage it had in my opinion was the way the tasks stretched out across the other days. Unfortunately I don’t think that I will be able to use it. It’s simply just too many tools. Right now I’m using Discord heavily which is new to me, and through my work I’m forced to use Google Calendar, so Toggl Plan would just be another thing to check. Discord has actually been another great tool I’ve discovered this term. I’ve heard about Discord a lot, but never used it. Now that I have I’m really enjoying it, and trying to get people at work and in my personal life to use it as well. But just like me those people have too many tools to keep up with so they don’t want to add another.

I’m looking forward to another productive week and meeting with our client!

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