A Long Road Ahead

Today, I received my group for the Capstone project. The project I signed up for was to create an app to control the water level at Hinsdale Wave Research Lavoratory. As of starting this blog I have gotten no feedback from any of my group members, but I have created a collaboration web document that was forwarded to each of them. It is only a matter of time now before we can all get a more reliable form of communication started between us and get the ball rolling on our project. If I am being honest, I am interested to see how this project turns out. I’m excited to start to get the ball rolling and help to create something that I’d be proud to add to my resume. But before any of that can start, it will be important to get the general presence of my group members and what type of people they are: if they are reliable or flaky. In a perfect world they would all be reliable. Luckily, given the current circumstances, the likelihood of them being more reliable than not is far greater. We all made it this far through the Computer Science program at Oregon State, that alone proves something about each of us. I do not doubt for a minute my fellow group members right to be here. I’m looking forward to next weeks blog post, after I’ve met with my group mates and we’ve started to get some work done. This course provides us with an opportunity to show what we’ve learned throughout our time at Oregon State, equipping us for what’s going to happen in the real world. This project allows us to take that final step on our long journey of formal education, the gateway to the next chapter in a scholars life.

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By moorehar

A human computer interaction wanna be that seeks to make the world a better place through technology.

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