Who Am I?

My name is Harrison. This is the first blog I have ever really done, so I am not sure what to expect from it. I’ll start by writing about where I come from and how I got into computer software. I was born in Tigard, Oregon but spent most of my childhood being raised in Lake Oswego, Oregon. That is where I attended schooling from 1st grade through 12th grade before transferring to Portland Community College to begin my life at college. Up until that point, I had never thought about going into software. It wasn’t until my older sister, five years my senior, mentioned it to me that it was even on my radar. Originally, I was in software for the promise of money in the future. It was going to be a safety net for myself such that I could go back to college after I made enough money to get a degree in something I was passionate about. Once I left Portland Community and transferred to Oregon State University, I found a passion in the art of software engineering. Though it took me a while to figure out, I now know that I can use technology to help the world in ways I never thought of before. My passion in life has always been to offer a hand to those in need of it and are deserving of it, giving it to people who aren’t going to use it for nefarious intent. I am looking forward to pushing towards my goal each and every day, doing at least one thing that will help me on my journey. I get excited just thinking about it. Thank you for reading.

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By moorehar

A human computer interaction wanna be that seeks to make the world a better place through technology.

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