Eric’s Blog #3

This is week 3 already!!!

The difficulty I have met is not in this class. I am studying CS450 this term as well. This class is the intro to computer graphics. I am supposed to finish a Helicopter by C++. It is my first time using OpenGL. Thus, everything is new to me. I spent a lot of time on lectures and finally, I finished it!!!


I was sad at first because my personal problem statement was 38 points. Fortunately, I had a chance to resubmit it. I knew the reason is that my writing is too conversational. Then, I made an appointment with the ing center to deal with this problem. The writing center was really helpful to me. He gave me a lot of ideas on the audience side. Additionally, he gave me some suggestions that make my paper more professionally.

For my group project, it went really well. All my group members are reliable. Every member was assigned different parts of the group project. After we finished each part, we asked other group members to check the work. Finally, we had full points in this project.


This week we had an assignment that asks us to write the requirement documents. However, it is not the same as the first assignment because the first assignment gave us an example. It is difficult for me because there is no format for the required documents. Thus, I did search online. I do not know if it is right. It will be really helpful if there is an example like the first assignment.☺


Eric’s Blog #2

Eric’s Blog

#Week 2

This is week 2 already. Finally, we decided what we are going to do for our project. As I said in blog #1, I am a pet lover. Thus, my final project is my pet pal!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

Group projects are always not easy. As long as there is more than one person, we will have a different voice in a group. The biggest challenge this week is we still have not got everyone’s response yet. Especially it is NBA final seasons right now, we have to delay the meeting to Monday due to this reason. Hopefully, we could make it done on monday.

#Intresting tool

I am always busy switching coding tool when I am taking all different classes which require using different coding language. Finally, I found an application name sublime text 3. It can switch to different languages easily and the interface is clear as well. However, it can only help you with coding, but it cannot test any codes. Thus, you still need to use other compilers to test your code.

# My own thought

This class is going well. I followed the steps to find the best project for me. Following the instruction, we made a team, found the management tool which suits us, and made the team rule. It is all going well in these two weeks. However, a group project needs to be done by us. Each person needs to be assigned to different parts of the project. I am worried about this because I have experienced a lot of team projects in my college life. I have met a lot of people who do not really care about the team project. Thus, the ethical dilemma I am always facing is responsibility. People are not responsible for others. They do not really know if they do not finish their job it might affect others.


That is all my concern about this week and future weeks. I hope everything can go well!❤


First Blog for Eric!

Hi, Everyone! Welcome to my Blog. This is Eric. I am here to introduce myself. Hope you guys can know me better after this blog.


1. Begin with computer

First, I got my laptop when I was 7 years old. I remember the first game was Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Then I started to play other games like Lol, dota2, and so on. With age, I am thinking about how games are made. This leads me to learn about computer science.

2. Now me!

I am a senior student at OSU right now. I am a full times student so I do not have any internship right now. I really like to buy some technologies to make life quality better. For example, I bought a screen bar. I always feel uncomfortable when I am using a table lamp on my screen. If you had a screen bar, you could adjust the lightness like the picture below.

My current interests are obviously games. However, I want to invent new technologies to make life quality better as well. Therefore, there are few projects that I really like in this course such as Vertical Garden and Irrigation Controller and MMO Expo. I believe that following the development of technologies, life will become fully automitic. People will start to intial their new life in vitural reality. These are the reasons that I like these two projects the most.

3. Life outside school

I am thinking to get a pet due to Covid-19. It is the hard time for everyone in the world. During the period at home, I want to have a friend to stay with me. Thus, I am learning how to take care of pets and train pets on the youtube channel. My faviorite breed is maltipoo. It is a combination of two known breeds, Poodles and Maltese. If you guys know anything good about looking after a pet, please let me know.

This is all about me in school and out of the school. I would like to make friends in this course. Thank you for visiting my Blog!!!!