Week 9- Executive Pay

The gap between the pay of the executives and the rest of the company employees’ pay has grown to a vast difference.  Executive pay is excessive, but I think I can understand why executive pay continues to rise. Companies desire to be the leaders in their market, which means that they are unwilling to be… Continue reading Week 9- Executive Pay

Week 7 Discretionary Benefits

Discretionary benefits can be a hugely important part of a company, but applying all of them can be time-consuming and very costly. So many companies have to rank discretionary benefits to decide which one they can afford to implement while also seeing which ones fit with the companies views and culture.  When deciding how to… Continue reading Week 7 Discretionary Benefits

Week 5

This week, the job posting I am using is for Director of Special Events at Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills.  The Waldorf Astoria is a Forbes five-star property. This role would be responsible for the planning, organising, and running the day-to-day events the property hosts. The position also requires the employee to manage a team… Continue reading Week 5

Week 4

To be internally consistent while also being competitive in the market is a difficult undertaking. To be able to develop a compensation system takes multiple steps and a considerable amount of effort. They need to be internally consistent is important for companies to be able to retain their most talented employees. To be able to… Continue reading Week 4

Week 2

Nike is the company I chose to look into they use a differentiation strategy by providing products that are unique and distinct from their competitors. Nike prides itself on breaking barriers and building communities. They have led multiple campaigns to connect with athletes all over the world. From diversity and inclusions to female empowerment, Nike… Continue reading Week 2

Week 1

This week we were asked to think of a situation where compensation was used as a motivating factor. My immediate reaction was to think about my team and the constant low hanging fruit of opportunity to get into the best seat IF you perform on the rowing machine. This causes a range of reactions from… Continue reading Week 1