Week 9- Expatriate compensation

As an international student, the topic of expatriate compensation was really interesting to me as it is not something I have really thought about. To be able to stay in the United States on a work visa is a difficult process that is expensive with a lot of companies less willing to sponsor an international over an American citizen. This is a process I have looked into so being able to compare my possible expatriate compensations with the American ones was an interesting comparison to be able to make.

To be able to consider the offer to work in a different country there are multiple factors I would have to consider before being able to accept. Firstly would be my personal life, how would moving, possibly to the other side of the globe affect it? This could be thinking about my parents and immediate family, would they be supported without me? then there is the aspect of creating my own family do I have the means to be able to take them with me? Would my significant other be able to get a job and be able to further their career in the new country?

I also think there is more about the decision than just getting there we have to think about while we are there too. and question that would spring to my mind is would I have or be able to build a support system while out there? There is also the thought of insurance, medically and physically, this is something people have to consider when taking a job within the U.S. but this isn’t any different when moving to another country.

Finally, I would have to consider what happens when I come back would the support system I already have in place still be here? Would acclimating back and progressing me career still be possible?

Overall I think there is a lot to consider and a lot of these things can change quickly.

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