Week 5

This week, the job posting I am using is for Director of Special Events at Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. 

The Waldorf Astoria is a Forbes five-star property. This role would be responsible for the planning, organising, and running the day-to-day events the property hosts. The position also requires the employee to manage a team of other employees, overseeing their development, being a pillar of support and rewarding productivity and success. While supervising the team, this role requires the employee to conduct counselling and organise the employee shift schedule. The position also entails that the employees oversee the function rooms’ set and breakdown, along with the recruitment and training of new team members.

Having done some research about the average salary for a role like the director of events. I found that for the United States, the average works out to be $75,781. This was one of the few listings that didn’t provide a potential range for the salary, but if I were to make an educated guess based on where the job is the company that is hiring, and the role’s responsibility. From this, I would guess that the Waldorf Astoria plan to fill the position, paying at right below or at the national average. 

I do have some experience in the service and events industry, but realistically I don’t think it would be enough for this role. If they were willing to consider me for the position, the salary range on offer might be adapted to be below average due to my lack of experience. I think the range could be anywhere between $45,000 to $65,000. This seems like a reasonable adaption given my background. The pay expectation I would ask for is a livable wage for the area, allowing me to live at a commutable distance from the property. I would also ask that as I grow into the role, there is the opportunity for my salary to rise to become more within the possible range of someone who is more experienced. Though my years of experience are limited, I think the range of experience I have means I have developed a lot of the skills I believe I would need to be a good fit for this role. With this, alongside the willingness to learn on the job, I think the pay range I gave seems fair.

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