Week 1

This week we were asked to think of a situation where compensation was used as a motivating factor. My immediate reaction was to think about my team and the constant low hanging fruit of opportunity to get into the best seat IF you perform on the rowing machine. This causes a range of reactions from different people, some go all out and take lots of risks to try and reach that fruit. But then at the other end of the spectrum, we see the people that cannot naturally reach this ‘fruit’ so stop reaching it. The vulnerability that is required for some to grasp this ‘fruit’ is so much higher than others that for many the risk does not match the reward, hence some people feel discouraged, especially if they do not feel as though their effort is being appreciated or valued. The ‘fruit’ is a constantly moving target as people reach for it and succeed or fail. This can be where the intangible opportunity becomes a very hard goal to feel motivated to attain. There is no solid number, no solid minute, the pressure to surge into an unknown is large. Some people thrive in this kind of environment and others struggle to keep their heads above water. The attainability to the compensation is a large factor in the way people behave towards it.

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