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Lizeth–Transitioning to OSU  October 28th, 2009

Well now it is about to be my fifth week of college and understand why people get really stressed out during midterms. Living on campus has really helped me out this week. You might be wondering, “how does living on campus help you with midterms?” Living on campus you can get a support and study system that you could have difficulty finding off-campus. Last week I studied with my friends and when I was stressed they would always cheer me up and push me to keep going. The campus also provides a sense of safety, stability, and getting to know places around campus. Oregon State University has many faculty members that are willing to help you whenever you are feeling lost and homesick. The campus might look big now but once you are here and walking around, it will feel just like any other school.

My transition to OSU has been really smooth. I feel welcomed and to be honest I don’t feel homesick at all. Everyone welcomes you with open arms. A big part of that is because I am living on campus. If I lived off campus I would still be getting lost and would have to worry about transportation and meeting new people. Since I live in the dorms I have many friends that are taking the same classes or have taken them already. We form our own study group and help one another. It helps a lot when we have questions on the homework or for some reason we couldn’t make it to the class we can rely on getting the notes from each other. Transportation as we all know is annoying, but on campus it doesn’t matter because all the dorms are within walking distance to classes. I live in the farthest dorm and I can get to Kidder, which is across campus, in ten minutes. Everyone is walking or riding their bikes too so you don’t feel left out either. Off campus you have to use a car, which depending on the type of vehicle, spends a lot of money on gas. The bus sometimes can be reliable but sometimes things come up and you’re late to the bus stop and miss it. Then you are stuck on what to do and on top of that you missed your class.

I know from personal experience that if you live on campus your transition to your college is going to be better and your worries are going to be less than if you live off campus. I hope you all have a wonderful week and have a Happy Halloween.

Lizeth – New Experiences and Beginnings  October 13th, 2009

Surprisingly I am done with the first two weeks of my college career and they went so fast. People always say how time flies when you are having fun and I never believed them. Time always went by so slow in high school and it seemed you had a lot of time on your hands, but now there is no time waste. You always have a paper due or an assignment that needs to get done. Since I have been at Oregon State University it has been exciting and I am already enjoying new experiences like rock climbing at the Dixon Recreational Center.

I have really enjoyed starting the class this fall. In the mornings there is nothing but a sea of people going to classes, it really is such a different experience. Right now I am taking: Math 251, Chemistry 221, ALS 107, and Spanish 314. It is mostly review for now but they still give you a lot of homework to do and I am still having nights where I stay up late and get no sleep. The professors/instructors have been helpful getting the students ready for class. I am stressing a bit though because I found out that I am having my first midterm next Tuesday! Yes, midterms happen quickly here and you have to be prepared for anything. That is why college is such a great new experience because you never know what is in store or what is going to happen next or where you will end up. Hopefully you decide to come to Oregon State University. I know I am enjoying it and I know you will too! Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Rafael – Things are looking up…  April 28th, 2009

Things are looking up for me. Last week was pretty busy and rough for me. This whole week I wasn’t to occupied . I did have the time to celebrate one of my good friend’s 19 birthday. My friend and I went to a nice  Italian restaurant here in Corvallis. I had a great time hanging out with my friend, that I haven’t seen for four months.

Last weekend I mentioned that my grandma was sick. This week I had the chance to talk to my grandma and everything seems to fine with her. She told me that she was feeling better. I felt such a release to know my grandma is feeling better.  I also had a Camp Scholar Intern meeting on Friday. Part of the meeting the CSI members gave the supervisors a reward to sincerely thank them for their great support. The reward was also to thanks the supervisors for giving the CSI members the wonderful opportunity to work for them.

Rafael – My sister is getting married!  April 20th, 2009

My sister is getting married, but not quite yet. This whole week has been busy and busy for me. I been really busy with school and at the same time trying to help my sister with her wedding plans. I’m so honored that I’m going to receive a reward from EOP (Educational Opportunities Program) for being an honor roll student. I also have three midterms coming up next week. I have one for my Biology class on Monday and I have two on Tuesday. The two classes that I have on Tuesday are Human sexuality and Contemporary families in the U.S.

Part of everything, this week has also been really rough for me. My grandma is sick, lately I been feeling down. I’m getting better little by little from the support of my friends and family. With their support it has at least help me through the week.

Rafael – Easter  April 13th, 2009

Easter is an important annual religious feast. This Sunday I had the chance to celebrate this holiday with my family. It’s also a really important holiday for me, because it was my Dad’s birthday. I actually didn’t have the chance to look for eggs, but instead I volunteer at my church to hide eggs for kids. Overall I felt this weekend past really fast I wish I had more quality time with my family.

I felt this whole week was really mellow. I haven’t been assigned to any liberal assignments, but I did have a lot of reading. I also had my CSI meeting this Friday, which went pretty well. The only conflict we had in our meeting was trying to work with every CSI member schedule, so we all could meet up in the same day. Now that the second week past so fast, I’m just looking forward for the next week to come.

Rafael – Time to hit the books  April 5th, 2009

Spring break is finally over and now it is time to hit the books. On my spring break I had the chance to spend quality time with my family. We college students know that the best thing about spring break is sleeping in and eating all the yummy homemade food.

Now that I’m back in school I feel refresh and ready to finish the last term.  For this term I taking 14 credits. The courses I’m taking are Introduction to Theater, General Biology, Contemporary Families in the U.S, Human Sexuality, and CAMP. For the first week of spring term I really like my new classes and I also like my new schedule. The reason  I like my new schedule for the spring term is because it’s flexible and it helps me have longer gaps in between each class, which gives me plenty of time to do more productive things. I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. Bye!

Rafael – Camino Latino  February 22nd, 2009

WOW! I can’t believe it, I’m done with the seventh week and I only have three more to go. This week has been pretty steady for me. I’m looking forward to the next week, because I’m getting ready to take my second midterm for Math 111 and I feel really confident that I will do well. This week I also experiencing home sickness, I miss my mom’s yummy tamales and I specially miss my parents. I did had the chance to go see my parents this weekend and I feel that I want more time with my parents. I only get to see them on the weekend and right away I have to come back to Corvallis. So I’m really looking forward to Spring break to spend quality time with my parents.

One of the great things that happened to me this week is that I got involved in the Camino Latino. The “Camino Latino” is a club that helps to increase the number of Latinos who will attend college and also to encourage other Latino students to apply to colleges. The club is mainly focus is Corvallis high school. Part the “Camino Latino” you are given the position to become a mentor for one of the students from the Corvallis high school. The reason I applied for the “Camino Latino”  it’s because I want to help a high school student and to encourage him/her to obtain a higher education. I haven’t started the training for the club, but I’m really excite that I could help out lower classmates and make a difference in their life’s. Once again I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I hope everyone is looking forward for the eighth week. bye

Rafael – Projects and Parties  January 26th, 2009

Well this whole week was really relaxing and fun at the same time. I was able to have the chance to throw a surprise Birthday party for my best friend. I was glad that the party was a success and all the guests had a great time, while enjoying a yummy slice of white cake.

During the fourth week I also worked on a project for me Appearance, Power and Society class (DHE 270). The purpose of the project was for one day to dress sloppy and another day dress up really nice. Part of the project I had to chose a place where I wanted to do my project. While I chose Fred Meyers as my location I had to ask five employers any random question about where items were located around the store. I had to also observe and see how they treated me in the way I has dressed up or dress down. When I had the chance to dress up I had more confidantes about myself, because I knew I put the extra effort to look good. The whole time I was at Fred Meyers I receive positive comments and it really built my confidence. I felt the more people said I looked good and knowing myself that I did look good. Everything just felt right, because regardless of any thing I always try to look good. When I was dress down I didn’t have as much confidantes on myself, because in the back of mind I had the thought of what people were thinking of my clothe. As an Apparel Design major the main key is to always look on your best and when I had the chance to dress down it made me feel that I let myself go. The reason I felt that I had less confidants was because I don’t normally dress sloppy and I also didn’t receive any comments about the way I looked.

At the end of the project I learned that most people think of appearance as simply the way one dresses or the hairstyle one chooses, a deeper meaning and perspective should be taken. No one likes to be judged, but the truth is that’s how society is based on. I do believe that no matter how you are dress people are going to judge you for no reason. Overall, I also learned that people label things everyday consciously and unconsciously. It makes me think that it is okay to stereotype people it just happens on the daily basic.

Rafael – Puerto Vallarta  January 20th, 2009

Wow! I can’t believe it, Friday is finally here and I survived the first two weeks of school. I’m glad to be back in school, but at the same time I really do miss my winter break. The reason why I say that I miss my winter break is because I had the chance to go to Puerto Vallarta. It was such an exquisite pleasure to go to Mexico and relax and enjoy the beautiful horizon of the sun over the ocean.

Now that I’m back in Corvallis I’m enjoying the winter term so far. For the winter term I’m taking MTH 111, GEO 102, ALS 107, and DHE 270 – I’m taking 15 credits. Coming back to Corvallis I had the chance to remodel my room and I was in inspired by the ELLE Design magazine. With an ad that I saw in the magazine, I decided to decorate my room really modern. This coming weekend I’m looking forward to visit my family. Once again I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.