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Rafael – Projects and Parties

Posted January 26th, 2009 by hansene

Well this whole week was really relaxing and fun at the same time. I was able to have the chance to throw a surprise Birthday party for my best friend. I was glad that the party was a success and all the guests had a great time, while enjoying a yummy slice of white cake.

During the fourth week I also worked on a project for me Appearance, Power and Society class (DHE 270). The purpose of the project was for one day to dress sloppy and another day dress up really nice. Part of the project I had to chose a place where I wanted to do my project. While I chose Fred Meyers as my location I had to ask five employers any random question about where items were located around the store. I had to also observe and see how they treated me in the way I has dressed up or dress down. When I had the chance to dress up I had more confidantes about myself, because I knew I put the extra effort to look good. The whole time I was at Fred Meyers I receive positive comments and it really built my confidence. I felt the more people said I looked good and knowing myself that I did look good. Everything just felt right, because regardless of any thing I always try to look good. When I was dress down I didn’t have as much confidantes on myself, because in the back of mind I had the thought of what people were thinking of my clothe. As an Apparel Design major the main key is to always look on your best and when I had the chance to dress down it made me feel that I let myself go. The reason I felt that I had less confidants was because I don’t normally dress sloppy and I also didn’t receive any comments about the way I looked.

At the end of the project I learned that most people think of appearance as simply the way one dresses or the hairstyle one chooses, a deeper meaning and perspective should be taken. No one likes to be judged, but the truth is that’s how society is based on. I do believe that no matter how you are dress people are going to judge you for no reason. Overall, I also learned that people label things everyday consciously and unconsciously. It makes me think that it is okay to stereotype people it just happens on the daily basic.

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