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Rafael – Puerto Vallarta

Posted January 20th, 2009 by hansene

Wow! I can’t believe it, Friday is finally here and I survived the first two weeks of school. I’m glad to be back in school, but at the same time I really do miss my winter break. The reason why I say that I miss my winter break is because I had the chance to go to Puerto Vallarta. It was such an exquisite pleasure to go to Mexico and relax and enjoy the beautiful horizon of the sun over the ocean.

Now that I’m back in Corvallis I’m enjoying the winter term so far. For the winter term I’m taking MTH 111, GEO 102, ALS 107, and DHE 270 – I’m taking 15 credits. Coming back to Corvallis I had the chance to remodel my room and I was in inspired by the ELLE Design magazine. With an ad that I saw in the magazine, I decided to decorate my room really modern. This coming weekend I’m looking forward to visit my family. Once again I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

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