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Lizeth–Only A Week Away  June 10th, 2010

Hello everyone!

I am only a week away from summer and I know some of you are already enjoying the rays of the sun and relaxing without any homework or papers to write. It is still surreal to me that school is ending in a week and I will have completed my first year of college! During these past few weeks I have had so much to get done, but I also have attended some great events. First, I had the opportunity to participate in Habitat for Humanity, where we volunteered to help this program finish some tasks they had. This was a great opportunity because not only did it help me bond with my supervisors and peers, but also we helped people who needed our assistance. Another event I attended was, “Noche de gala.” This was an event to award many Latinos on their achievements throughout the year, but before they gave out awards they had traditional Mexican music and food for enjoyment. After all of these events and fun times with great people, it has now come the time to start looking for a new home. As of right now my roommates and I are looking for a place to live next year and it so hard to find an apartment, because many places will not start showing their apartments until school is out. Looking for a new place comes with so many emotions that I never thought I would have because I didn’t realize the attachment I had to my dorm and the friends/neighbors I created in the Finley Hall. Next year is going to be so different and it still hasn’t sunk in that I won’t be seeing these people everyday and I won’t be able to just walk down the hall and be able to socialize or study with them. When I leave here I will truly feel as if I am leaving something great behind, but at the same time I am excited for the new adventure with my new roommates. This year has been such a blast and the ending is bitter sweet for me because even though I can not wait until this week is over, I will not see my new friends for months and they are like my second family. Living in the dorms has helped me create this new family and I think everyone should have this experience and opportunity. Also, living in the dorms your first year gives you the comfort and knowledge of where everything is located on campus. I have had so many experiences this year I don’t know if I could pick a favorite memory to share with all of you, but I will say that one my favorites memories was going snowboarding with my friends I made through a program here on campus known as the college assistance migrant program (CAMP). Through that I found a new sport I really enjoy and became closer with my peers in CAMP. Well I hope that everyone has an awesome summer and that Oregon State becomes your school of choice!

Lizeth Ochoa

Roberto–Spring Time/Reflection Time  May 21st, 2010

(written May 14, 2010)

Hello my friends,

It’s Friday, and I’m done with the day. These weeks are passing so by fast, and even the weeks feel like days to me.  It’s almost the end of the year, and I’m very excited. Today, the weather was so nice, and it was just like a perfect day as my friend Mauricio would say. These days are so nice like to do many things outside; such as taking a walk, going out to the parks, going out with friends and having so much fun. But, unfortunately we have to measure our times wisely, and put first things first. Sometimes we have to say no to things and doing what’s most important, even if we don’t like it. For example, today I had to say no to my performance with my church band. This is really important for me, but since I have too many midterms next week, I had to say no for this time only. But well, I need to get ready for those midterms so can do well on them.

Today, many things happened to me. One of those things was that I realized that there is too much stress going on around campus. I’ve seen people who look stressed, tired etc.  I imagine that it’s because of midterms, projects, work, having a lot of things to do etc.  Especially, today when I went downstairs of my hall I found a friend of mine and I started to talk to her. I asked her about how things were going, and she said “good”, like all people would say. As I engaged more with the conversation I realized that she was stressed and she had many things to do, and big projects to get done. She even told me about how bad she felt from her last midterms which one of them she failed. In addition, she even had to drop out her math class for some reason. She says that she even cried for what she was going through. She looked sad, but I told her not worry too much and start to do what need to do.  I felt sorry for her, and I even imagine all the stress that she went through because I’ve being there too many times. I even thought that I was the only one who was too stressed, but I wasn’t the only one.

That’s why I say that here around campus there is a lot of stress going on. You know, I think that’s the true reality about studying here at college, “nothing will be easy”, but in some way we have to resist and keep moving forward, and the result will be even better. Therefore, we need patience, hard work and dedication on everything that we do.

We always will be learning new things as we go through life, and now I learning how different is to live away from home, and have to take care of myself by my own. I’m learning to put myself in other people shoes, and understanding them better. Sometimes I ask myself about “why, why do we have to go through hard stuff, in order to accomplish something.” Even though I haven’t live enough but I realized that the answer to this is that the hard stuff makes you wise every day, and we learn from our mistakes, and as a result it makes us stronger as a person. So my message today for everyone is to never give up and keep going. Remember that “your greatest weakness becomes your greatest strength.” In addition, Like Rocky Balboa says, “it doesn’t matter how hard you can hit, what matters is how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward.” So, I motivate everyone who is reading this blog to keep working hard and do the best you can on your classes. Good luck!


Roberto–Festivalito and Mother’s day  May 13th, 2010

Hey everyone,

I imagine everyone is having hard days, and that reasonable because midterms and exams are coming up. I can only imagine the stress that students can be going through.  I say that because right now I’m facing stress.  I feel very overwhelmed for I have many things to get done. But nothing is easy in this college life; the harder the obstacle is, the greater the accomplishment will be.

Anyways, leaving all these preoccupations aside, I want to tell you about the great weekend I had, and all of the fun things I did. First on Saturday, I had the privilege to play with my band at the”festivalito” event. Me and a group of CAMP students played at this event, and some of the members of the band were Samuel Aguirre, Agustin, and Kennedy, etc. I played the keyboard; Samuel played the drums, Kennedy the electric guitar and Agustin the Electro acoustic. In addition, the day was very nice, and it couldn’t be a better day to be outside having a good time. We in the band played some Mexican songs, and little bit or rock and jazz music.  We played for about an hour, and after that we got Mexican food which was the best part of this event.  After we were done playing, the next number was an Aztec dance which was a tradition from the Aztecs and there were little kids, and adult dress with very traditional clothes which represented that beautiful culture, and they danced for about an hour or so. It was so amazing.  Attending this event was such a great experience, and it was just a perfect day to relax and learn about my culture.

After the “Festivalito” event I and the band went to return the instruments at home. First we went to Luis’s house, a friend from church, and we gave him back his brother’s drums because he let it borrow to us. Then, I don’t know how come, but we decide to stay there and just jam for a little. That was the best part of the day. We took out my favorite song, “breathe into me” by RED, and that was so amazing because I never imagined that we could take that song out, but we did. We played that song 4 or 5 times and we enjoyed jamming. Crazy but fun!

Next day on Sunday, I had the opportunity to play at church and celebrate Mother’s day.  The youth group organized a special event for the mothers, and that included a play about the how God created the woman, little kids read a poem while I played a lullaby song on the piano, me a two girls sang a special song of the mothers, and I played the keyboard and sing at the same time.

I had a lot of fun, and most importantly enjoy celebrating our moms and letting know how important they are and will be to us, and that we really care about them. That same day I called my mom and my grandma and I told them how much I loved them, and they were just really happy. I think it’s very important to tell our moms how important they are to us because they took care of us when we were little kids, and so they deserve to be loved.

This weekend wasn’t just about having fun but also about having the opportunity to learn something. Each day will be a new day with new things to learn.  Well, one last thing, I just want to motivate all the OSU students–Don’t give up this term which is almost over, it will be fine. Good luck on midterms and finals.



Roberto–Finals Week  March 23rd, 2010

Finals week

Hello everyone, I imagine all of you are having their finals this
week. I being trying to study and getting ready for my Finals. I have
two Finals this week, one from Math, and the other one from Chemistry.
After we are done with this week, we are having spring break. That’s a
great thing because I really needed. At last I’m going back to
Hillsboro, and visit my family. I really miss them, especially my
little brother Uriel who is just 8 years old. I used to call him “my
little hommie.”  He likes to play soccer a lot, and now that I’m coming
back we are going to play soccer together. Also, I’m excited because
I’m going to practice with my church band from Hillsboro. We have many
songs undone since I left, and now we are going to finish them.
Last Friday, I did my first blood drive donation at the CAMP blood
drive held by the CAMP program. I remember I was really scared,
especially of the needle. I thought that it was going to hurt a lot,
but it wasn’t. It didn’t hurt at all, and after I donate I didn’t feel
tired or something, instead I felt really normal. Unfortunately, a
couple hours after I started to feel little bit tired, and hungry. The
best thing about the blood drive is that I realized that I did it for
a good cause, for I saved three lives. That same day I went to a church
prayer that started from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am in the morning. I played
the piano that day at the church. I thought that I wasn’t going to be
able to stay the all activity since I donate blood and I felt really
tired, but actually I did stay for all the activity and I really enjoyed it.
The next day on Saturday, I had a practice with the church band here
at Corvallis, and we practice the songs that we are going to play next
Friday in our first youth service at Church, and we hope that a lot of
youth people come to church. I’m really excited about that.
Today is Monday, and I barely woke up. I’m going to
continue studying for those finals and do well on them. I wish
everyone a good luck on their finals, and remember get a good sleep. I
hope all of you have a nice spring break.