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Roberto–Finals Week

Posted March 23rd, 2010 by Allyson

Finals week

Hello everyone, I imagine all of you are having their finals this
week. I being trying to study and getting ready for my Finals. I have
two Finals this week, one from Math, and the other one from Chemistry.
After we are done with this week, we are having spring break. That’s a
great thing because I really needed. At last I’m going back to
Hillsboro, and visit my family. I really miss them, especially my
little brother Uriel who is just 8 years old. I used to call him “my
little hommie.”  He likes to play soccer a lot, and now that I’m coming
back we are going to play soccer together. Also, I’m excited because
I’m going to practice with my church band from Hillsboro. We have many
songs undone since I left, and now we are going to finish them.
Last Friday, I did my first blood drive donation at the CAMP blood
drive held by the CAMP program. I remember I was really scared,
especially of the needle. I thought that it was going to hurt a lot,
but it wasn’t. It didn’t hurt at all, and after I donate I didn’t feel
tired or something, instead I felt really normal. Unfortunately, a
couple hours after I started to feel little bit tired, and hungry. The
best thing about the blood drive is that I realized that I did it for
a good cause, for I saved three lives. That same day I went to a church
prayer that started from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am in the morning. I played
the piano that day at the church. I thought that I wasn’t going to be
able to stay the all activity since I donate blood and I felt really
tired, but actually I did stay for all the activity and I really enjoyed it.
The next day on Saturday, I had a practice with the church band here
at Corvallis, and we practice the songs that we are going to play next
Friday in our first youth service at Church, and we hope that a lot of
youth people come to church. I’m really excited about that.
Today is Monday, and I barely woke up. I’m going to
continue studying for those finals and do well on them. I wish
everyone a good luck on their finals, and remember get a good sleep. I
hope all of you have a nice spring break.


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