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The future of VR

After Facebook changed its company name to Meta, Zuckerberg stated β€œTo reflect who we are and the future we hope to build, I’m proud to share that our company is now Meta.” (Meta is a social platform based on metaverse which is 3d virtual world. Since then, VR technology is getting attention more than before.

As a person who is dreaming of becoming a game programmer, this is one of the interesting topics. So, I would like to talk about the current development stage of VR and the future of VR.

VR is a short-term of Virtual Reality. Based on my google search, surprisingly, the first vr machine was released in early-mid 1990, and it commercialized around the 2010s. The most popular machines are Oculus (Rift), HTC (Vive). The first-generation commercial product was okay but there were some drawbacks such as the weight and lack of power of cpu, memory as well as contents. So, it didn’t get popular as much as people expected. But, in late 2017, sony released Playstation with VR machine and game, and it was very successful (The next generation of Sony VR is coming out this year). Now I can say VR ear has come. Because VR machine gets lighter, and it has affordable price and variety of contents.

As you can see from the video, the quality of the graphics and render are fantastic. Powerful graphic cards, memory, and engines make this possible. And, it shows the current status of VR industry.

d VR is getting spread to many fields as well. One good example is the medical industry. They are using VR for medical training.

Lucid Reality Labs | VR education, training and upskilling

Now we can’t separate VR technology from our lives, it will be getting into our life. This is why many people say VR is the future of human society. Then what we can expect from the future VR?

One thing I can expect is that we might live in a borderless world not limited to physical land, we might live in the real world and virtual world at the same time, interchangeably. And, it is happening right now. Now the young generation has another themselves in a virtual world. I can take ZEPETO as an example which is a social platform based on metaverse. They have 2 billion users and they spend money to decorate their avatar and socialize with their friends.

As the thing is getting changed quickly, we might face a fully digitized world shortly and might play a game like full-dive virtual reality game like anime called sword art online. I would like to be a port of the stream as a programmer. πŸ™‚

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