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This is the first blog post for the OSU Capstone Project. In this post, I would like to talk about my interest and what I like to do after graduation since this term is the last term at OSU.

It has been 3 years since I started the online OSU computer science program. Most of programming classes have a programming project and most of projects are related to simple game.

Here are some of the game projects I have done for OSU courses

-CS162 : Escape Room

-CS325 : Tetris

Those projects were good enough for me to have an interest in a game development. Since then, I took some of my time to study the game development during free time. Thanks to the YouTube, I was able to access to many free online lecture. In order to develop a game, I had to study c# and unity.

Unity is a game engine that allows you run your 2D/3D objects on screen, and C# is the main language for the engine. Now OSU provides most of all programming class with python, but I took those courses with C/C++. So It was relatively easy to learn C# since the syntax of C# is pretty similar to C/C++.

However, I never used the Unity before, so it took some time to understand how to use Unity and its library. The most difficult part of working on unity was to understand it is a frame based program which means your code is looping itself by Unity. Therefore, if you are using for/while loop in Unity you have high chance to have infinity loop error. While I was trying to be a friend with Unity, I had a chance to work on actual game development with people who I met at Networking Event.

This is the first video game I made (this is just sample version). I am getting myself into the game development, and I am actually enjoying the game programming. There are some things that I need to study to be a game programmer. So, I might do more side projects and targeting top game companies for my future career. 🙂

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