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Project Start-off

I had a 1-hour meeting with my team for the CS467 class. In this meeting, we had discussed the TEAM STANDARD which is about the team’s working rules and expectations has the goal of increasing team performance. Today, I would like to share some of our standards here.

1. Team Name

We have decided our team name as QuizBanana because one of the project requirements said that our application should be able to replace Survey Monkey. So one of our team members suggested this name.

2. Communication

Communication is very important when we are working as a team. There are many communication tools such as Discord, Slack, and Google hangout. Team QuizBanana agrees on using MS Teams because MS Teams is the official tool for the CS467 class.

3. Project Management Tool

Since it is a project class, we will work on project programming from scratch for the entire term. So, we have to take care of time. In order to manage this project, we are going to use the Jira. At first, we planned to use Asana, but Jira is one of the popular tools in the industry and it is free. So we change to Jira

4. Code Management

As everyone can expect, we are going to use Github for code management. It is free and powerful.

5. Conflict Management

I personally believe conflict management is really important especially working as a team. So, our team came up with two ways of handling this situation.

If the conflict is a team matter, be aware of any conflict that occurs with assignments or other group members. Takes steps to decide on how serious the conflict is and how it would affect other members of the team. If the conflict is an individual matter, please speak with the team member directly on the issue and allow discussion from both individuals

I am already excited about this project. All members respect each other and I can see we are trying hard to make things right. 

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