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Cave Junction at the Middle School Challenge  May 27th, 2015

We have even more photos to share thanks to your e-mails! This week we received photos from Lorna Byrne Middle School enjoying themselves during our recent Middle School Challenge as well as performing activities in their own classroom. They participated in actives like making a scribbler and making a catapult. They turned out great! Check out more pictures on our Facebook page.

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Thanks for Sharing!  May 18th, 2015

Over the weekend we got a ton of new e-mails filled with pictures, which we love! First was an e-mail from Tonya Jones, a Forest Grove High School SMILE instructor. She shared pictures of her students trying out a few of our activities, including the egg drop activity we presented during the 2015 Winter Teacher’s Workshop. We also received some pictures of May Roberts Elementary School students during the recent Challenge. Thanks again for sharing and make sure to check out more pictures on our Facebook page!

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New Grand Engineering Challenge: Food Waste  March 4th, 2015

Food shortage is not the only issue anymore.  Wasting food is having a dramatic effect on the environment, economy and society. An estimated $162 billion is being lost because of unused food, as seen in this New York Times article.  This is an interesting topic to pose to your students. What solutions can you come up with to solve the food waste problem in your club, school, community, state, country or world? How does this solution work? Share with us!


Update: The Scribbler  January 23rd, 2015

Not too long ago we showed you how to make this awesome scribble machine.  The students from Nyssa High School decided to try it out and had a blast! Thank you for sharing Nyssa SMILE Club!

Scribbler1 Scribbler2 Scribbler420150127_093054

Grand Engineering Challenges  October 17th, 2014

As promised during the teacher workshop, we will be posting activities related to the fourteen grand challenges in engineering. During the workshop teachers got to work on “engineering the tools of scientific discovery” by creating a robot with a water hydraulic system.  Every month we will continue to make new activities based on the grand challenges and post them to our Grand Engineering Challenges tab. We have a carbon sequestration activity already posted for September, which lets students think about their carbon footprint. For October we went back to making scientific discovery tools, but instead made a scribble machine.  This video previews what you can expect from the activity that will be posted later this month.