Daily Archives: October 6, 2020

September 2020 guides added to SCARC collections

SCARC completed two new or updated finding aids in September 2020. The following is a list and a little information about what we accomplished. 

These finalized finding aids are available through the Archives West finding aids database, and the OSUL discovery system (a.k.a. “the catalog”). All of these materials are available to researchers.

A new collection that was previously not available to researchers:

Roman Schmitt Papers,  1961-1988 (MSS Schmitt)

The Roman Schmitt Papers are comprised of materials generated and collected by chemistry professor Roman Schmitt that document his research and instruction. Among the materials in this collection include: article reprints, committee records, a grant proposal, lecture notes, photographs, and research data. Schmitt worked for Oregon State University from 1966 until 1999 in a joint appointment with the Chemistry Department and the OSU Radiation Center. Specializing in the field of cosmochemistry, Schmitt used neutron activiation analysis in the research of moon rocks collected as a part of the NASA Apollo Sample Return Program.

A finding aid for a collection that was previously under-described with an incomplete guide: 

Western Small Fruit Pest Conference Records, 1968-1999 (MSS WSFPC)

The Western Small Fruit Pest Conference Records document the establishment and annual meetings of the organization.  The first meeting of the Western Small Fruit Virus Disease Conference was held in Portland, Oregon, in January 1950 for breeders, plant pathologists, and entomologists to report on the detection, identification, and control of small fruit viruses, especially of raspberries and strawberries.