Daily Archives: October 1, 2020

Happy Oregon Archives Month 2020!

Things are different this year… But we are still excited to share our treasures and connect with you all.

Enjoy student imagination with a showing of student produced films transferred from KBVR-TV! These short films, some of which were assignments for a New Media Communication class, feature action sequences, toys that come to life, and trees with eyes!

Hops have grown many places in the US, but since the 1890s, the Pacific Coast has dominated production. Learn about hops history and watch a short 1931 film about spring field operations and fall harvest.

Kenneth I. Helphand, author of Hops: Historic Photographs of the Oregon Hopscape book launch, in conversation with Tiah Edmunson-Morton, curator of the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives.

Valeria Dávila shares her preservation work experiences with “Farmers of the Sea,” a film documenting aquaculture practices. Blog post and behind the scenes images on October 27. 

All month long you can explore the past through favorite recipes from Tastes of the ‘Chives past! Recipes and photos posted every Friday across our social media.

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