Begin at the beginning?

A year of interacting, sharing, and celebrating what we have and what we know. We had a few big “Wow, thanks!” moments in 2009, but this year we want more …

We begin again, appropriately back where we started last February, with images from the Gerald Williams Collection. It’s true—we’re going to have a whole month of weekly releases! And with the first, “Towns & Buildings,” we want to hear from you.

At a loss where to start? You can always begin with the simple browse method, scanning through the images in this Flickr set … But for those who would like a little more direction, those who like “assignments,” those who feel comfortable with a list – here you go!

You can start simple … What can you find about the history or Astoria, Clatskanie, Timber, or Amity Oregon? Or you can dive into this list and let us know what you learn about:

Research until you can’t learn any more. Just make sure you include your factoid treasures with us in the comments field. No matter what, share, share, share!

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