Oregonians: we read, write, work — and we can cheese?

Check out the latest set in Flickr Commons, Oregon Industries circa 1940. Again, we’re looking at the labors in our land, including textiles, food production, mining, and (of course) a little bit of logging.

Women working at the Portland Woolen Mills,” what a beautiful shot!

This set concludes both the Oregon Industries run, as well as the “Take a Trip: Traveling and touring with the Visual Instruction Lantern Slides Collection” photos we’ve been releasing all summer.

It’s been quite a trip! From the wonders of the Lakeview Terrace of the Lewis and Clark Expo in 1905 …

Or to Table Mountain …

To the rose gardens of Portland …

To the image that will adorn many cards this holiday season!

Thanks for coming along! Watch for a new collection, launching the first Wednesday of October … Sneak peak? Not yet, but I can tell you it is entitled “People Doing Stuff.” Let your imagination go.

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