Typing in the word “positivity” in a search bar returns millions of results- but try looking for “accentuating the positive” and those options are shockingly limited. My next challenge is to do just that, however, and unfortunately those results mean I’m going to have to come up with my own definitions.

This part of the semester is full of growing pains- falling in love with a capstone project, feeling accomplished with what I’ve been able to create and identify and organize… and feeling woefully underprepared for my elective class. An Elective! Thats pushing my limits. Normally, I would be hyper-focused on my struggle and allow my difficulties in one elective to limit my progress in the capstone course. This year though, we’re focusing on improvement so instead of getting weighed down I’m going to the opposite- accentuate the positive.

So here it is: I CRUSHED the last two standups, and have really helped my team move forwards in our app development. I feel confident and owning project management and understanding every aspect of our development requirements. So what if I took a week to figure out a REST api? I can spend more time on that after graduation 🙂

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