How to give yourself extra credit.

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

– Albert Einstein

Self-acceptance is often preached, paraded through journals and social media posts as an ultimate achievement. But what if we turned that perception upside down, and held it as the first step to accomplishing your achievements?

Following along that train of thought, what in your day do you perceive as unachievable? What if instead of not being able to accomplish the task, you considered it a skill you needed to learn, and in that light start the task with the full acknowledgement that you have hit your knowledge limit, and therefore now are able to learn and grow.

A close mentor once told me “If you aren’t learning, you aren’t doing something right.” This quip has helped me along my journey of changing career paths, following my passions, and recognizing when my passion wasn’t enough to help live the life I wanted to do. It allows me to feel fulfilled and challenged regardless of the role that I undertake, and allows for me to exist in a state of accepting my limits as an opportunity for growth, rather than a hindrance and appreciate when I start to feel a little out of my comfort zone.

If you’re looking for a challenge this week, the next time you feel uncomfortable, recognize what about that situation is triggering that feeling, and lean into it, accepting your limits, and see what you can learn!

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