The sky is… wherever you want it to be.

Push yourself.

To be better than you were yesterday. What does that even mean? Starting our first “real” assignment of our capstone, I had a lot of big dreams that came slightly crashing down. But with a blog titled “rookie mistakes”, you knew that would happen, right?

I had all these plans to start off strong, be more prepared than my teammates so I was an equal partner, even though I felt like much less than that. I’ve always been relegated the “designer” roles. “Just make it look pretty.” “Can you organize this page?” and “what colors do you want it to be” seem to be the only questions asked of me in projects. Well, until this term. Finally, I’m on equal footing and being asked the same questions my teammates are trying to answer.

And I feel like I’m reading Greek. (disclaimer: I do not know much Greek.)

So instead of psyching myself out and underestimating my qualities- for the first time I took this as a challenge. In my mantra for this year and my new career switch, I decided to own my ignorance, and rectify it. And therefore keep me on equal footing.

Here’s to hoping the hill is a bit less steep in future weeks.

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