Failing …hard.

Before I get into it, I promise this isn’t a downer of a post. It’s totally been a downer of a week- more assignments due closer together, work has been wild, home has been wild (it always seems to come in threes, right?)…and to top it off, while I was showcasing my achievements for our midterm my app started to show a bug that had developed in the last few days while we’ve been expanding on our foundation and I melted.

But luckily for me, since moving into a tech company I’ve started embracing failure and leaning into that discomfort zone more. Rather than dwell on what would normally trigger my anxiety into a downward spiral, I focused on the growth moments. I recovered from that mishap quickly, without much notice on my part. I did not start talking much faster, panic and stop the video, or try to overcompensate and pretend that wasn’t an accomplishment. Which I’m proud of, because it was an accomplishment, and the fact that I’m pretty positive I know exactly how to fix it is even more of one.

So with that, make the title what works for you- failing isn’t hard, failing shouldn’t be hard, failing hard helps you grow… pick your inspiration and remember it when you start to get down about something that didn’t go as expected this week.

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