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Corvallis Culinary Week; Aqua

I decided to partake in Corvallis Culinary week this week so I will post just short listings, not a full review, on the places that I visit under the “Random” category. My mom, dad and our basically family member Craig … Continue reading

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Ali & Alyssa’s Chili Recipe

This is the perfect chili for a rainy day, a day full of sports games, or a day of apple cider making. Basically any day that you have time for the chili to stew away in the pot while you … Continue reading

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The Deer Carcass

This is a story that goes along with “Ali & Alyssa’s Chili Recipe” because this happened one of the times that we all went out to my parent’s farm for chili and homemade apple pie (I’m saving this recipe for … Continue reading

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Bo Mack’s Barbecue and Grill

Bo Mack’s Barbecue and Grill Albany, Oregon  I also did a video review which you can watch below:   1. Location Easy to find and about a 20 minute drive away the only concern on location that I had was … Continue reading

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Native American Farming

I was pointed towards a website by a longtime friend just the other day when I was pondering my ability to have a good future as a blog writer on Facebook. I found a multitude of stories that I found … Continue reading

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#FindKT – Connect on Social Media

I included a new page called “#FindKT” (get it!) to help you connect with me on social media. I have included Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. My thoughts are that you guys can use #RodeoRoadsandRecipes or #RRR to help connect and … Continue reading

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Check Out the “My Roots” Page

Hello Everyone! Check out the “My Roots” page to learn a little bit more about me and the food blogs that I plan to be focused on throughout the course of this term. Feel free to comment as much as … Continue reading

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