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Check out all of the fun recipes that I will include here. Includes step-by-step instructions and pictures.

Barbecue-Less Steaks

Here is the perfect recipe for the college kid who is looking for a steak dinner without having to go out and buy a barbecue. There are plenty of ways that you can do this, but here is my favorite … Continue reading

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Finger-Lickin’ Nachos

Have you ever been craving the perfect, country style snack for after school or to power you through a late night of studying? I Trust me, I have! Therefore, I have come up with a solution for you. It was … Continue reading

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Pizza with the Kiddos

The first time that my coach asked me to babysit his kids I was extremely nervous. Have you ever thought of all of the horrible things that could go wrong when you are watching the offspring of a very important … Continue reading

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Ali & Alyssa’s Chili Recipe

This is the perfect chili for a rainy day, a day full of sports games, or a day of apple cider making. Basically any day that you have time for the chili to stew away in the pot while you … Continue reading

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