Bo Mack’s Barbecue and Grill

Bo Mack’s Barbecue and Grill

Albany, Oregon 

I also did a video review which you can watch below:


1. Location

Easy to find and about a 20 minute drive away the only concern on location that I had was parking during a crowded evening.

2. Building

The waiting room was drafty with only a small plug-in space heater to attempt to keep it warm but I loved the community pictures hung on the wall and other country decorations. The lack of directional signage was confusing for a newcomer like me.

In the dining area they had an old fashioned soda-fountain like bar where they were plating food. There was a glass case with the kind of desserts you would expect to see on your grandmother’s window sill in the middle of summer. The booths were wooden and, unlike normal restaurants, there wasn’t a sense of privacy per booth; it was similar to the set up of a big family gathering at a holiday.

3. Food

The menus were simple; just a front and back – you were having barbecue and that was that! The entrees were labeled uniquely but their big push was that you could order family meals which is what our group of 4 did. It was only $12/person for a 4 person dinner and we brought plenty of left overs home!

We ordered knapsack one which was chicken, pot roast, coleslaw, potato salad, and baked beans. The meats were definitely the rockstars of the plate; absolutely divine! The side dishes kept up, they tasted like something that my mom would make (she is a phenomenal chef).


Overall I would give Bo Mack’s 4.25 stars out of 5. It was very good food, the service was great but the warehouse feel to it was kind of a turn off. Maybe a new location is in order?


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