Corvallis Culinary Week; Aqua

I decided to partake in Corvallis Culinary week this week so I will post just short listings, not a full review, on the places that I visit under the “Random” category.

My mom, dad and our basically family member Craig went to Aqua seafood restaurant in Corvallis on Monday night. Craig Bruno is my cousin’s father-in-law; if you didn’t follow that I don’t blame you. Craig is my dad’s duck and goose hunting buddy who is also helping with the carpentry finishing of the bonus room.

Corvallis Culinary week is an event that happens in Corvallis (imagine that!) where local restaurants who are partaking in the event offer up a few meals of their for only $10. It’s a way that people can try their food without having to go pay the full $20 meal. Aqua was a very, very nice restaurant. Something that is typically hard to find in Corvallis since it is a cheap, burgers, sports bar, etc. college town.

We had three options for the $10 menu: Charbroiled Black Cod with mango rice, seaweed salad; puff pastry wrapped lamb sausage with a sautéed brussel sprout mix; OR crab crepes with a cheese sauce and mashed potatoes. We used and abused their “buy one appetizer get another free” Monday deal where we got dates with bruschetta, pancetta, and a cream drizzle and duck confit spring rolls with an apricot sauce.

The dates were actually quite good. My poor mother got so much flack from the guys for ordering them, apparently they are a pretty hated dish. My mom makes these delicious date cookies… that you can only have so much of. I mean, except for her of course, she eats them like they’re … well… cookies!!! I really like the brown sugar cookie dough batter though! I will try to remember to make those for you sometime, they are the perfect winter holiday treat!

The duck confit was okay… I’ve never really been a huge fan of duck but I figured that was just because of how my dad makes his duck jerky after hunting (that is terribly if anyone was wondering… just kidding I just don’t care for the molasses’ he taste of it). I thought that what ruined it for me was that it was pretty greasy. I didn’t finish it.

The crab crepes were! I would highly reccommend getting them if you go there. I wish that they had had something sweet to go with the savory aspect of the crepe but it was still delicious. I didn’t get a couple pieces of crab shell in with my crab meat but  that kind of thing doesn’t really bother me, but you might take it into account before ordering it.

My mother got the lamb sausage… it was good… but I preferred the crepe. I don’t care for that mutton-y taste that lamb leaves in your mouth but the sausage flavorings did a good job disguising that.

If you have the chance, go check out Aqua in Corvallis this week!

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