Staffing & the Case for Recruit & Select

Staffing has a huge effect on the success of any company. It is important to hire the correct people, and if not done correctly can result in failure.

One reason I could see an organization decide to distribute more resources toward marketing or product design rather than using those same resources to do a great job in employee recruitment and selection is product competition. If other brands are marketing a similar product as your own, then there could be an urgency in developing a strong brand image. Once companies have a good brand reputation, then it easier to have the competitive advantage.

Not prioritizing recruitment and selection can be a very expensive decision for a company to make. As mentioned in the lecture, your risk-taking on hiring expenses, lost business, lost time correcting mistakes, contagious disengagement, and litigation fees. Making poor hiring choices can really affect a company. This was also shown in the text “who”, because of one wrong hire, the company lost a lot because an employee decided to embezzle money.

In contrast, a potential strength for an organization to not prioritize recruitment is time. As mentioned in the lecture, finding good, loyal, hard-working employees are rare to come by. Therefore if a company is not having any luck stealing good employees from a competitor, then there will be time to develop the brand more or find another way to have a competitive advantage.

Depending on a company’s competitive resources, they are required to shift to make up for where they lack in order to stay in the market.

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