Experiences with Discrimination

If one of my favorite companies was practicing unlawful actions, including discrimination against individuals from any ethnicity, culture, or belief system, I don’t think I could continue to support that business. In HR orientations I tell my new hires that discrimination is illegal, and anyone that participates in those actions receives disciplinary action leading up to termination. Discrimination is not something to take lightly, and I think the lack of support for a company that is participating in discrimination should feel the impact of that from their community.

Even though I would not be supporting that company I won’t force my peers to believe that they shouldn’t be supporting that company, because I do think that decision is up to them. However, I do think a lot of other people no matter what they associate with, could have a similar reaction as mine.

I could see myself returning to support them in the future if they have different management because typically the morale and culture can change drastically when new management takes over. If this is the case, then I could see myself supporting them and maybe even working for them if their morals align with mine.

However, if nothing changes within the company, I don’t think I could work for them or support their company in any other way. I don’t want to give them the impression that what they are doing is ok and is acceptable to keep on doing in the future.

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