What am I good at? Compared to most, I am a really good communicator. I like to stay on top of things and let everyone know what is going on for that week. In addition, I have strong attention to detail when it come to projects. I think I stand out in these categories, and… Continue reading Self-Reflection

IPIP Results & Reactions

Today I took the IPIP-NEO test that took me around ten minutes to complete. Below are my results for each of the characteristic’s. My score on Extraversion is average, indicating I am neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox. I enjoy time with others but also time alone My level of Agreeableness is average,… Continue reading IPIP Results & Reactions

Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

What is my brand? I think the first impression that I present to potential employers is the professionalism with some hospitality. I have a very professional demeanor in the way I dress and talk. In addition, I have been often titled as hospitable by my peers. I always ask how I can help make things… Continue reading Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

Job Descriptions

For my last job, the job description heavily influenced my decision when whether or not I should apply for the position. I think it should play a huge role in everyone’s decision because a job description outlines all of the functions and expecations of the job. I would not want to work a job that… Continue reading Job Descriptions

Experiences with Discrimination

If one of my favorite companies was practicing unlawful actions, including discrimination against individuals from any ethnicity, culture, or belief system, I don’t think I could continue to support that business. In HR orientations I tell my new hires that discrimination is illegal, and anyone that participates in those actions receives disciplinary action leading up… Continue reading Experiences with Discrimination

Job Application Experience

I am currently a senior working on graduating next term in the summer. As a result, I have found myself applying for several jobs a week. Filling out an application, in general, is something I typically find myself dreading to do, however, Indeed has allowed for a smoother and more time-efficient process. I am not… Continue reading Job Application Experience

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