Job Descriptions

For my last job, the job description heavily influenced my decision when whether or not I should apply for the position. I think it should play a huge role in everyone’s decision because a job description outlines all of the functions and expecations of the job. I would not want to work a job that has a job description that does not appeal to me, because if I did, then I would probably quit quickly after acceptance.

In addition, I think my experience on the job matches the job description quite well. I know this is oftentimes not the case because employers often lack updating them.

Of course, there will be some things that change within the job description that is not communicated to the designated employee. This can cause ambiguity and confusion within because the expectations aren’t clearly communicated. This is why it is important to meet annually and go over the job description with employees and talk about whether or not they are still relevant.

The company can benefit from this in the future by attracting relevant candidates to a current job description. I think this is where a lot of employers fail and see higher turnover rates because of it.

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